• Air Systems

    QUADRI, Lda, backed up by important international Defence Companies, can offer a diverse, comprehensive and battle-proved range of systems and sensors for air weapon systems, in several fields.


    QUADRI, Lda can offer a diverse, comprehensive and battle-proved range of tactical data link systems, such as:

    > Video / ISR Data Links;
    > Data Links Terminals


    QUADRI, Lda is able to offer several solutions and products in this area.
    Among such solutions are the EO System for the ‘P-3C CUP+’ aircraft and the Targeting Pod Litening G4 for the ‘F-16 MLU’ aircraft.


    We have been the Company that has introduced EW in Portugal and for many years the only Supplier/Distributor providing solutions to our Customers.
    Our broad approach to all the EW disciplines, including all type of ESM, ECM, ECCM, Launchers, Automatic Expendables Launching Systems, Chaffs and Flares, passive or active Decoys, as well as our deep knowledge of the sector allows us to build-up, whenever required, some complementary local service capabilities in the EW Support area.
    Radar Warning Receivers and Missile Warning Systems, integrated or not in an EW suite, which can potentially include EW Management Systems and Directional Infrared Countermeasures, covering various frequency bands, are available for a wide number of platforms and applications.


    QUADRI, Lda can offer a diverse, comprehensive and battle-proved range of missiles systems for air weapon systems, in the following fields:

    > Air-to-air Missiles;
    > Air-to-Surface Missiles.


    Our first project in the area of airborne radar goes back to 1975 when we made the largest military contract in Portugal for the supply helicopter´┐Ż??s meteorological radars.

    Today we still continue to act in a broad band range of radars for specific applications, as follows:

    > Aircraft/helicopter navigation and meteorological;
    > Maritime long range surveillance;
    > Fire control;
    > Missile guidance.