• Homeland Security

    In the area of Homeland Security, we pay a lot of attention to Sea Ports and Coastal Surveillance Security Systems, Border Security, Critical Infrastructure Protection and Transportation Security.
    QUADRI, Lda, backed by important international Defence Companies, can offer a full set of solutions in these areas, as follows:

    Border Security

    The threat of drug traffickers and terrorists, as well as the challenge of dealing with illegal immigration, is prevalent in many countries around the world.
    We can offer a wide range of advanced technological solutions to protect borders against a broad range of threats to Homeland Security.

    Critical Infrastructure Protection

    Infrastructure and key assets are attractive targets due to their high economical and strategic value. Securing infrastructure is a significant Homeland Security challenge due to the difficulty of threat detection and the often sensitive or remote location of infrastructure emplacements.
    We can offer a set of comprehensive and technological solutions to protect strategic assets vulnerable to threats, including:

    > Power Stations;
    > Oil and Gas Pipelines;
    > Industrial Plants.

    Seaports & Coastal Surveillance

    The protection of Sea Ports and Coastline has become a major challenge due to their high vulnerability and value.
    We can offer a high technological solution, including a sophisticated multi-layer system employing advanced surveillance from autonomous, remotely operated sites.

    Transportation Security

    Transportation systems have become a focal point of security concerns. We can provide solutions for secured transportation, as follows:
    > Railroad security, assuring continuous day and night surveillance and warning of approaching intrusions;
    > Secured railway and roads crossings;
    > Train and bus terminal surveillance;
    > Subway tunnels and stations security.